Delivering powerful performances to the world.
Developing live viewing business in Asia

We have permanent distribution infrastructures in a total of 19 cinema complexes in 5 regions : Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. Using the most high-tech transmission technology, we are able to deliver high quality images to overseas fans, to experience the real time live events. We are able to live broadcasts with partners all over the world, including major broadcasting companies in Asian countries.

The most high-tech distribution technology,
moved overseas fans beyond time and distance.

Our own transmission equipment and dedicated lines are permanently installed in movie theaters located
in the capital cities of Asian countries that have the capacity to draw large crowds, so that we can conduct live viewing
with the same sense of realism as in Japan with a short lead time without having to make temporary arrangements for lines.
We can deliver content safely and securely with high security, as well as achieve a cost performance that no other company can match.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam are in preparation.

Region/ Cinema

Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, *Malaysia, *Indonesia, *Philippines, *Vietnam
(* currently in preparation)

Region Cinema
Taiwan Taipei Vie Show Cinemas
Taipei Hsin Yi
Taipei Vie Show Cinemas
Taipei Qsquare
New Taipei Vie Show Cinemas
Linkou Mitsui Outlet Park
Taoyuan Vie Show Cinemas
Taoyuan Tonlin
Hsinchu Vie Show Cinemas
Hsinchu FE21
Taichung Vie Show Cinemas
Taichung Tiger City
Tainan Vie Show Cinemas
Tainan FE21
Kaohsiung Vie Show Cinemas
Kaohsiung FE21
Hong Kong New Territories MCL Movie Town
Kowloon MCL Telford
Kowloon GH the sky
Kowloon Broadway The ONE
Korea Seoul CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall
Seoul CGV Wangsimni
Seoul CGV Yeongdeungpo
Busan CGV Seomyeon
Gwangju CGV Gwangju Terminal
Singapore Golden Village VivoCity(In Preparation)
Golden Village Plaza
Thailand Bangkok Paragon Cineplex
Philippines COMING SOON

Live Viewing Japan’s original technology
Technology that uses a high-grade Internet connection

  • High-quality video/audio(H.265 / PCM,AAC)

  • High security is assured

  • Safety and security assured via mesh streaming

  • Constant monitoring of jitter in optical lines over transmission route

  • Live broadcasting unaffected by local bad weather is possible

  • Always-on environment eliminates the need for preparation time

  • Effectively cuts transmission costs during live broadcasts


Also useful for practical marketing research

Live broadcasts of events such as concerts and theatrical performances can be delivered within Japan at quality comparable to domestic live performances, helping us gain many potential fans. Live viewing can also be used for marketing research as a prelude to overseas expansion, which usually involves significant costs.