Live streaming allows you to
meet fans more freely.

We provide OTT distribution services that deliver a variety of contents to the hands and homes of fans in Japan and around the world according to the wishes of event organizers.
We take away the hassle of organizing one event with multiple delivery services by providing comprehensive support for safe and secure video delivery services, from selling fan club members and general ticket sales to preparing the lines and understanding the details of delivery technology. Together with our live viewing business, we can help you maximize the potential of your valuable content.

OTT stands for “Over The Top”. It means the distribution of content such as audio and video over the Internet, without relying on telecom carriers or Internet service providers.


Delivering to more fans with high quality.
Supporting maximization of profits with multiple platforms

Even in the case of Internet streaming, we strive to maintain the quality of elements such as color, sound quality, image contours, etc. when viewing on device, we deliver produced content at high quality in a stable fashion, and we place great importance on conveying the feeling of being present at the actual venue.

Also, when simultaneously streaming using multiple streaming services, we avoid operations likely to generate unstable elements, and by channeling dozens of streams with different specifications via a centralized facility, we achieve simultaneous streaming with an emphasis on quality assurance and stability.
We utilize our technical expertise in streaming technology to contribute to maximization of profits.

* We do not use encoders such as OBS/Wirecast for steaming instead, we use encoders offering higher image quality and higher sound quality.
* Please note that deterioration of stability or quality may occur depending on the individual viewing environment.

If the delivery service is only one If the delivery service is more than one


From arranging lines to settlement of payments.
Comprehensive support with extensive production expertise cultivated in the live viewing industry

To help organizers concentrate on live music and stage production aspects, upon request we can comprehensively take charge of organization—from arranging temporary lines necessary for streaming to settlement of payments.
Leave the streaming to us—from detailed pre-testing to ensure the quality and safety of delivery to on-site control on the day of the streaming.
By introducing streaming platforms and coordinating with each company, we’re able to respond flexibly to the needs of organizers, such as fan club limited services, joint sales of merchandise, etc. with tickets, overseas streaming, and more.


Maximizing content through the synergistic effect of live streaming
and live viewing in movie theaters

We achieve simultaneous live broadcasting from actual performance venues for concert and stage productions to various streaming platforms as a service provider, including Japanese and overseas movie theaters, via our NOC (Network Operating Center). With the infrastructure connection and technical expertise to handle all these, we offer a one-stop solution for stable operations.