Delivering events of various genres to
 a wider audience
Live broadcast of high quality video
 and audio to Japan and overseas

Live viewing.
It’s a new form of entertainment that bypasses the constraints of time and distance to deliver powerful live experiences to a greater number of fans.

We provide live broadcasts of a wide variety of contents entrusted by event organizers, including live music, events, and stage performances, to movie theaters and live music venues in Japan and overseas. The delivery infrastructure uses our own dedicated optical fiber lines to ensure stable and high quality transmission. Furthermore, we can broadcast to more than 350 movie theaters in Japan and overseas using satellite lines.
In addition, because we provide total support for ticket prices, scale of screenings, screening location proposals, promotional and merchandise sales, and sometimes even merchandise planning, event organizers are free to focus on important actual performances.

Let’s maximize the value of this content together and reach more fans than ever before.

Streaming live events in all kinds of genres, both in Japan and globally



    (J-POP and K-POP etc.)

    We stream and screen concert performances from Japan and overseas, at movie theaters nationwide. This way, more fans can share the enthusiasm and thrill of live venue performances without being constrained by restrictions such as the venue’s capacity or location.



    (theater, musicals, ballet, opera)

    Performances can be screened at movie theaters when a large number of people have trouble attending or when tickets are difficult to obtain, such as the final viewing dates for popular works, when theaters are located far away, and so on.
    Not only is this easy, but approaches that differ from live performances can actually attract fans, such as close-up shots of actors, bonus footage, and so on.



    (animation-related events,voice acting, sports competitions, children’s events, cast greetings from the stage)

    On-time sports broadcasting delivers a sense of realism, just like being present at the venue. Through local movie theaters, viewers can easily participate in performances for parents and children who have difficulty traveling long distances, as well as events that tend to be limited to Tokyo, such as cast greetings from the stage.



    (movies, documentaries, art)

    This method can also meet other diverse needs, such as screenings of legendary concerts and documentaries from the past, original projects such as newly edited live performance videos, and pre-screening to serve as marketing for packaged contents.

Three screening formats to win over fans of content


    Broadcast in real time from the performance venue

    Powerful, large screens that preserve the feel of actual venue performances
    Incorporating a mild fan base and drawing fans to actual venues

    Event broadcast with a time delay

    Performances (often concentrated on weekends) can be screened on weekdays
    For those who enjoyed the actual performance, another chance to revisit the feeling

    Can be used for special events such as anniversary screenings
    Fans can view on whichever day is most convenient

Basic streaming system for live viewing

We have installed our own dedicated optical fiber lines in more than 120 movie theaters in Japan and East Asia.
By using optical fiber, we can ensure a stable, high-quality environment and deliver content with peace of mind regardless of weather conditions.
In addition, by using satellite communication, it can be distributed to more than 350 movie theaters in Japan and outside of Asia. We can also stream overseas performances into Japan.
Aside from these, we also hold DCP (Digital Cinema Package) screenings of recorded works.

  • Contributes to monetization by expanding sales channels for event merchandise

    Performance goods can also be sold at movie theaters that offer live viewing. We can assist you with the entire merchandising process, from selecting the performance goods to be sold and proposing the number of items to be consigned, to the actual operation, reporting on the number of items sold, and after-sales follow-up. We are also working to plan original merchandise that can only be purchased at live viewing venues.

  • Developing content with a global perspective

    We set up permanent optical fiber lines in East Asia. We have also realized streaming to Europe, North America, and Central and South America via satellite and optical fiber.
    We contribute to development of content with a global perspective through practical market research and other means, as well as cultivating overseas fans.


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