Greetings and thanks for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Live Viewing Japan Co., Ltd.

For the development of the Japanese live content industry, we have been committing to live broadcasting as “Live Viewing” with the support of content holders and movie theater owners, centering on digitalized movie theaters. We have developed a business that delivers the realism of music concerts, theaters and sporting events to Japan and Asian fans.
And we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our founding today, June 2, 2021. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported the business and the fans of the content for their warm support to reach this milestone.

Over the past 10 years, while helping to distribute content, our employees have been able to witness the great excitement and impression of fans who are fascinated by entertainment at various sites. Although “entertainment” is intangible, we have been sympathizing with the greatness of touching content that reaches our hearts in an instant every day.

We provide high-quality, real-time presence of the live venue to fans who have difficulty participating in local entertainment event, such as the music concerts and stage performances that take a lot of time to prepare. The feeling of “sense of unity” that comes from it is the driving force for us to move forward with engaging in this industry.

With new standards, the superiority of the Internet with diversity and the expansion of fields using AI technology, in the next 10 years when transmission technologies and devices that never appeared, Live Viewing Japan will continue to have its own original personality, never forget the gratitude for the support, and always take a global perspective, continue to devote ourselves as a reliable partner for content holders who create entertainment content in Japan and overseas.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.

June 2, 2021
President and COO Sadanori Sato

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