New Video Streaming Service“GLOBE CODING”Started!

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From about 10 years ago, the establishment of our company on June 2, 2011, we have been developing our business centered on “Live Viewing”, which broadcasted numerous live content such as concerts and stage performances to movie theaters together with event organizers.
This time, making the most of the know-how of sales, marketing, technology cultivated from the business of about 200 pieces of Live Viewing a year, the paid viewing ticket system of Live Streaming service will be launched, which will deliver a diversity of content with high-quality streaming technology to the fans and contribute to a maximized content revenue,


It is a high-quality Internet video streaming service designed by following the distribution technology and quality cultivated in the Live Viewing to movie theaters and comprehension of the on-site environment of live event production.
Cooperated with domestic and overseas ticket agencies, we can provide the optimum services according to the purpose of the event organizers by linking with the *Live Code.
*Live Code is a random code number that replaces the ticket.

[Six Features of GLOBLE CODING]
1. Localized ticket sales
2. Achieve the highest quality in the industry of live streaming
3. Digital rights management (DRM) and encryption technology is equipped as default to protect the content
4. Convey the appeal of content effectively by white label
5. Safe and simple operability by linking with Live Code.
6. Hybrid streaming of Live Viewing to movie theaters and Live Streaming online is possible

[Service Overview]
■Start time: January 2021
■Streaming form: paid streaming
■Streaming type: online streaming
GLOBE CODING Official Website:

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